BibleMax Gustave Doré New Testament Woodcuts

BibleMax Gustave Doré New Testament Woodcuts

Gustave Dore's beautiful woodcuts in a module for BibleMax software
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BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible. Among its many interesting characteristics, it has the possibility of being enhanced with complements. One of these is this beautiful collection of Gustave Dore woodcuts. Born in Paris in 1832, Dore was a French artis, famous for his highly detailed woodcuts and for specializing in creating illustrations for passages of many masterpieces of the literature by authors like Rabelais, Dante, Lewis Carrol and Edgar Allan Poe. Dore died in Paris in 1883.
One of the most well-known Dore's works is the set of woodcuts he made for illustrating many Biblical verses. This accompanying module for BibleMax software allows you to admire the woodcuts with which Dore illustrated the New Testament. You can find scenes like the Nativity, the slaughter of innocents, young Jesus at the Temple, Lazarus' resurrection, and the Baptism, Crucifixion and Ressurection of Christ. You can even print these beautiful woodcuts, along with the Bible verse that inspired them. You must first download and install BibleMax software and then the Dore module for accessing this features.

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  • Beautifully rendered images, and you can even print them


  • You must download and install the BibleMax program for view and print the woodcuts
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